2021 New Years Resolutions

Now that 2020 is behind us (what a year), what are your ON24 2021 resolutions? Let’s go beyond the webinar!

Do you want to utilize ON24 Connect to it’s full potential and put your data to work?

Do you want to create customer journeys with content hubs?

Or, create curated personalized landing pages for specific audiences?

If you put your mind to it, you can do it! Tell us what your ultimate ON24 resolution is?

Quality interfaces are my resolution along with better graphics on the registration pages. I really want to spruce those up and make something that looks really great!

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Fully use Analytics linked to AI to drive webinars and digital engagement.

In 2021 we hope to:

  • Use the new Hubspot integration (via Connect) so that we can even better follow up on webinar leads
  • Create a new webinar portal: transfer from 5 different portals into 1 more attractive portal
  • More focus on lead generating webinars
  • More focus on a webinar follow up plan for On Demand viewers
  • Create a true webinar-team instead of just me FT and other people that do things locally every now-and-then

And most important for me personally:

  • Set a healthy baby on the world in March/April and enjoy my maturity leave (not think/stress about work)

My 2021 resolutions for work are:

  • I want to create fully interactive experiences that will allow us to stand out in our market.
  • Create a strong on demand strategy.
  • Fine tune our Evergreen series.
  • Test more
  • Move to a more strategic role by creating a team to help on the tactical tasks.

Personal 2021:

  • Continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve my mental health by focusing on me more.

More 1:1 engagement with our webinar attendees so it doesn’t feel like we’re trying to sell them as soon as they attend a webinar but we’re engaging with them to understand some of the bigger organizational issues they’re trying to solve and how we can partner with them for success.

Double down on marketing programs + campaigns and looking to bring on new marketing tools. :slight_smile:

Add EHub as the base for our content webcast offering, EHub and Target to replace our current media center, and Closed Captioning to our on demand events.

For 2021, my company is looking to completely integrate our webinar program with ON24 Elite. Also with that, we are looking to host a virtual conference using the Elite Studio and the Engagement Hub. We look forward to what this year will bring in terms of webinars and virtual events!

My 2021 ON24 resolutions include:

Integrating our branding initiatives across platforms for a better user experience
finding ways to show internal teams new ways to use the ON24 platform for engagement and gamification
Checking out ON24 certifications

Working on enhancing the engagement hub and advanced reporting. Also want to explore more podcasts and guest speakers especially on our target pages.

I want to really start teaching my team how to better utilize the platform better.